Learn about the components that a CDP comprises to understand the difference between Composable and Packaged CDPs
Understanding Data Clean Rooms | Roopak Gupta, CTO of HabuListen now (10 min) | In this episode, Roopak Gupta walks us through this new technology, the factors leading to it its rise, its impact on privacy…

February 2023

Why it’s important to keep zero-party data fresh or up-to-date
Putting Data To Work | Matthew Brandt, Data Practitioner and CreatorWhat good is data if go-to-market or GTM teams are unable to put data to work in their day-to-day workflows? Matthew tells us how to prevent that from…
Optimized onboarding, better engagement, and identity resolution.
Data quality, product relevancy, privacy, and better audience relationships.

January 2023

A quick overview of explicitly collected entity data and identity data.
An in-depth breakdown and the purpose of each subtype: event data, entity data, and identity data.
Characteristics, confusion, and ownership.
And probably replace the term altogether!

December 2022

Hello 2023!
A 3-part series