The data beats Show

The data beats show brings together data and GTM practitioners, industry experts, and vendors to demystify the data landscape in the hope to beat the gap between data and non-data teams.

Putting Data To Work | Matthew Brandt, Data Practitioner and CreatorWhat good is data if go-to-market or GTM teams are unable to put data to work in their day-to-day workflows? Matthew tells us how to prevent that from…
Understanding Data Clean Rooms | Roopak Gupta, CTO of HabuListen now (10 min) | In this episode, Roopak Gupta walks us through this new technology, the factors leading to it its rise, its impact on privacy…
Understanding Stream Processing with Zander from BytewaxListen now (9 min) | Part 3 of the series on real-time analytics infrastructure and use cases.
Return On Available Data (ROAD) w/ Ruben Ugarte, a Decision-making ExpertYou've got data. Now you need to derive quality insights from your data to increase your ROAD | Listen, Watch or Read
Understanding Data Knowledge Management (DKM) w/ Nick from Workstream | Hosted by Kunaal NaikIf data = knowledge, there needs a system in place for this knowledge to be discoverable. | Listen, Read, or Watch
Warehouse-native Is No Silver Bullet with Chris from Vero | Hosted by Luke from SnowflakeYet another episode on Warehouse-native or Connected Apps but this isn't just about the "what" or the "why" — it's also about the "why not" | Listen…
Understanding Change Data Capture (CDC) w/ John from Striim Part 2 of the series on real-time analytics infrastructure and use cases | Listen, Watch or Read
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