The data_beats Show

The Data Beats community aims to bridge the gap between data people and non-data people via words, conversations, and beats. On the data_beats show, practitioners and founders of data companies candidly answer hard questions in an attempt to demystify the data landscape for folks working in data-adjacent roles. But it's not all talk, you also get to groove to some kickass beats!

[db] Demystifying Data Observability - Part 1Listen now | With Kevin Hu, CEO of Metaplane
[db] Building and Using Data Infrastructure With David Jayatillake from Metaplane | Listen, Watch, or Read
[db] Warehouse-native Apps - Part 3 With George Xing from Supergrain, a warehouse-native engagement tool.
[db] Warehouse-native Apps - Part 2 Listen now | With Luke Ambrosetti, originally from MessageGears and now at Snowflake
[db] Warehouse-native (Connected) Apps - Part 1With Omer Singer from Snowflake
[db] Data Automation With Nick Bonfiglio from Syncari
[db] Entity Resolution With Sonal Goyal from Zingg
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