Learn about the components that a CDP comprises to understand the difference between Composable and Packaged CDPs

February 2023

Why it’s important to keep zero-party data fresh or up-to-date
Optimized onboarding, better engagement, and identity resolution.
Data quality, product relevancy, privacy, and better audience relationships.

January 2023

A quick overview of explicitly collected entity data and identity data.
An in-depth breakdown and the purpose of each subtype: event data, entity data, and identity data.
Characteristics, confusion, and ownership.

December 2022

A complete guide on first-party behavioral data collection

June 2022

SaaS tools built on the data warehouse, also known as Connected Apps.
Learn about the framework that will help you decide which events to track, what data to gather, and which pitfalls to avoid.

May 2022

The different components of event data and how to define events properly before you begin instrumentation.
The purpose of entities in the context of tracking event data.