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Data Observability [Series]

Understanding Customer Data for Product Analytics [Series]

Warehouse-native Apps [Series]

Real-time Analytics [Series]

Understanding Stream Processing with Zander from Bytewax

Behavioral Data Collection Tools and Technologies

Return On Available Data (ROAD) w/ Ruben Ugarte, a Decision-making Expert

How Data People Can Bridge The Gap Between Data and Non-data Teams

Understanding Data Knowledge Management (DKM) w/ Nick from Workstream | Hosted by Kunaal Naik

Best of Data Beats [2022]

Warehouse-native Is No Silver Bullet with Chris from Vero | Hosted by Luke from Snowflake

Understanding Change Data Capture (CDC) w/ John from Striim

Data-driven Documentation

Martech Is Becoming Data-first w/ The Chiefmartec

Analysis Interfaces

CDP vs Reverse ETL w/ Jacques from Cybersmart

ELT vs Reverse ETL: An Architectural Overview

Simplifying Streaming Data Infrastructure w/ Dunith from Redpanda Data

The Modern Data Track 🎶

Demystifying Data Observability w/ Kyle from Bigeye

Welcome to The Data Beats Community

Demystifying Data Observability w/ Mona from Telmai

Demystifying Data Observability w/ Kevin from Metaplane

Building and Using Data Infrastructure w/ David from Metaplane

Warehouse-native Apps w/ George from Supergrain

Warehouse-native Apps w/ Luke from MessageGears

Warehouse-native (Connected) Apps w/ Omer from Snowflake

Warehouse-native Apps Explained

Data Automation w/ with Nick from Syncari

Data People

How To Decide Which Events to Track?

Entity Resolution Explained w/ Sonal from Zingg

What Are the Components of Event Data?

CDI vs CDP w/ Michael from mParticle

Account-level Activation w/ Tim from Correlated

What Are Entities In the Context of Event Data?

About The data_beats Show

Embracing Change and Taking Ownership

What Is the Purpose of Event Data?

Let’s Beat The Gap

The Modern Data Stack Has A Hiring Problem

What Is Customer Data?

The Modern Data Stack Is Not An End State

The Modern Data Divide

How Spicy Do You Want Your Modern Data Stack?

What “Modern Data Stack” Means In 2022