Welcome to The Data Beats Community

We’re building this Publication + Newsletter + a YouTube show + a Podcast to:

  • Enable non-data people from go-to-market (GTM) teams to learn about data infrastructure and the workflows of data teams

  • Enable data practitioners to learn about the needs, priorities, and constraints of GTM teams

We also maintain a directory of data tools where you can learn about a product's core features, benefits, the needs it fulfills, and the teams it caters to.

Join us in our mission to beat the gap between data people and non-data people via words, conversations, and beats.

Why subscribe?

Data is ubiquitous, data tools and technologies are exploding, companies are scrambling to figure out how to ride the wave by investing in the right people and technology, and the internet is flooded with content about data.

OK so why subscribe to yet another source of data content?

Because almost all data content is written for data practitioners — analysts, engineers, scientists, and leaders — while there’s very little for the rest of the world to understand the moving parts of modern data infrastructure.

Data done right can empower entire organizations and we're committed to making that happen via free, high-quality content.

Who runs it?

Hi there 👋

I’m Arpit, I spend a ridiculous amount of time doing this:

  • Keeping tabs on everything that’s happening in the data space

  • Thinking about ways to simplify the complexities of the data tooling landscape

  • Writing about what I learn in simple terms

  • And collaborating with folks from the broader data community

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Arpit Choudhury
Arpit has made it his mission to demystify the data landscape and bridge the gap between data people and non-data people. He runs the data beats community and is building astorik.