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Understanding Composable and Packaged CDPs [Series]

Learn all about the two types of Customer Data Platforms

Created :  
July 20, 2023
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Updated :  
September 16, 2023
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A comprehensive series to gain an in-depth understanding of Composable vs. Packaged Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Part 1: Composable CDP vs. Packaged CDP: An Unbiased Guide Explaining the Two Solutions In Detail

A vendor-neutral guide that explains the components of a CDP to help you understand the differences between a Composable CDP and a Packaged CDP.

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Part 2: Composable CDP vs. Packaged CDP: Determining the Right Solution for Your Organization

This guide will help you determine which of the two between Composable CDP and Packaged CDP is more suitable, and make buying decisions that you don’t regret.

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Part 3: Growth Is Possible Without a CDP — Packaged or Composable

You Can Build Personalized Experiences Even Without a CDP. A story of hyper-growth that led a SaaS product that you might not have heard of to a $100M+ exit.

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Have you checked out our campaign on ending the Composable vs Packaged CDP battle?

Let's End The CDP Battle [Campaign]

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