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Understanding Customer Data [Series]

A series of 5 tactical guides to learn the fundamentals of customer data infrastructure (CDI).

Created :  
August 20, 2023
Created :  
Updated :  
September 16, 2023
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Tactical guides covering the fundamentals of customer data infrastructure

What Is Customer Data?

The components of customer data in the context of product analytics.


What Is the Purpose of Event Data?

How event data helps build personalized experiences across different stages of the customer lifecycle.


What Are Entities In the Context of Event Data?

The purpose of entities in the context of tracking event data.


What Are the Components of Event Data?

The different components of event data and how to define events properly before you begin instrumentation.


How To Decide Which Events to Track?

Learn about the framework that will help you decide which events to track, what data to gather, and which pitfalls to avoid.


Once you have a good understanding of customer data, we recommend digging deeper into first-party data,

First-party Data [Collection]

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