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The CDP Battle is Not a Real Battle | Luke Ambrosetti and Glenn Vanderlinden

Created :  
July 18, 2023
Created :  
April 20, 2023
Updated :  
April 30, 2024
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Hey there,

You might already know that we’re doubling down on our latest campaign, Let’s End The CDP Battle check out the campaign trailer in case you missed it.

Our goal here is to clear the air and make the CDP space a little less divided. And we hope to do so by bringing people together who believe that the Composable vs Packaged CDP battle is pointless.

In today’s episode, I was joined by Luke and Glenn who work with vendors from both camps and have a deep understanding of what it takes for organizations to implement a CDP-like solution successfully.

Luke was at MessageGears and is now at Snowflake, and Glenn runs Human37 where they implement CDPs of all shapes for companies of all sizes.

They both offered some valuable insights based on their experience working with CDP vendors as well as CDP customers. And to keep things fun, I also had Luke respond to the following statements with his very personal opinion:

  • The Composable CDP will beat the Packaged CDP
  • Composable CDP is largely a marketing term propagated by Reverse ETL vendors
  • Snowflake and the other cloud providers will make ETL and Reverse ETL obsolete in the next 5 years
  • There’s an opportunity for both CDP camps to come together and solve more pressing problems related to data governance and privacy compliance

All in all, here’s what’s been established so far:

Without organizational contextneeds, goals, and priorities, as well as resources, culture, and philosophyone cannot decide which approach between Composable and Packaged is better, cheaper, or faster to implement.

Moreover, knowing which of the two approaches is more suitable requires organizations to look inwards and assess what might work best for them.

We had a lot of fun recording this conversation, hope you enjoy watching it. It’s only 13 mins and I’m sure if nothing else, it’ll leave you entertained!


You can tune in on Apple, Spotify, Google, or YouTube or watch the full thing on LinkedIn and share your thoughts with us.

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