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Let's End The CDP Battle | Campaign Trailer

It's no longer a healthy debate and is helping nobody.

Created :  
July 17, 2023
Created :  
April 14, 2023
Updated :  
April 30, 2024
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Hello hello!

Most of you are probably familiar with the ongoing CDP battle between the Composable and the Packaged camps.

It’s a frivolous battle where neither side is winning and one that has left everybody — from CDP prospects and buyers to the folks selling themconfused and frustrated.

It's time to end this.

Over the last 4 weeks, through the CDP Beats series, we have made a concerted attempt to build awareness about the specificities of the two approaches via a neutral point of view. And I’m happy to say that our efforts have led to many mature discussions among folks with diverse perspectives (and agendas).

We’re optimistic that the industry will soon come together to bring an end to this battle and shift its focus to more pressing problems. In fact, we’re determined to make that happen!

Check out the trailer for our new campaign — Let’s End The CDP Battle.

Disclaimer: At data beats, we maintain a neutral POV. We try to bring some levity through our content but we’re also very serious about our mission.

This trailer uses snippets from the following (with prior consent, of course):

  • Videos we received from people we reached out to for feedback on part 1 of the series
  • Prior episodes of the data beats show (this and this) where exactly the same points were raised

We’d like to thank all the contributors who fearlessly shared their opinions with us.

If you have thoughts or feedback on any of this, share them on LinkedIn.

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Talking about more pressing problems that deserve attention, here’s a non-exhaustive list we’ve come up with:

  • Data governance and privacy compliance
  • Data minimization and accurate data collection
  • Fulfilling data subject requests (DSRs) — to stay compliant but also to build audience trust and offer privacy-friendly personalization

Solving them requires immense effort and collaboration. And we want to actively facilitate such collaboration among vendors, experts, and industry leaders.

Facilitating this is definitely ambitious. And it requires putting people in a room together — people who are not just smart and driven but those who also believe that they need to come together to solve these problems.

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Arpit Choudhury

As the founder and operator of databeats, Arpit has made it his mission to beat the gap between data people and non-data people for good.

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