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The Rapid Evolution of Reverse ETL | Boris Jabes, CEO at Census

A primer to a more complete vision.

Created :  
July 19, 2023
Created :  
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April 30, 2024
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🥁 This episode is brought to you by Census 🥁


Reverse ETL has been gaining traction over the last few years.

I met Boris Jabes, the co-founder and CEO at Census, in August 2020, right after publishing my first guide on CDPs. At the time, I was leading growth at a fast-growing SaaS startup ( where we didn’t have the budget for a Packaged CDP but were just setting up Snowflake.

My CDP post caught Boris’ attention in one of the data communities (Locally Optimistic) and led to a coffee chat where he introduced me to Reverse ETL and the idea of building a CDP out of the warehouse. 💡

Today, in less than 3 years, Reverse ETL has rapidly evolved from a fancy new data tech to a feature that’s table stakes for all of Martech.

I’m not the only one who believed that Reverse ETL wouldn’t survive, let alone thrive as a standalone solution. But from my vantage point, I perceived Reverse ETL as a primer to a more complete vision – I wasn’t sure what that was even until last year, but I do now.

In this episode, I talk to Boris about the evolution of Reverse ETL and how it is helping improve customer experiences, especially given the increasingly complex user journeys spanning multiple touchpoints across various channels.

With data permeating every aspect of businesses, the conversation moves to how people in GTM (go-to-market) roles can leverage available customer data to improve campaigns via privacy-friendly personalization, and how modern tooling is enabling GTM folks to move even faster.

I also share my take on the term "non-technical", and Boris describes the factors leading to the rapid adoption of Reverse ETL as well as the pros and cons of centralizing all the data in the warehouse.



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