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First-Party Data [Collection]

A collection of our best content on First-party Data.

Created :  
August 20, 2023
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September 16, 2023
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Everything you need to know about First-party Data or 1PD

We Need To Talk About Customer Data

It’s about time we rethink the usage of the term "customer data" and potentially replace it with a more accurate term — audience data.


First-party Data vs. Zero-party Data

This guide explains the key characteristics and the points of confusion between first-party data and zero-party data – the two main types of "Customer Data".


Subtypes of First-party Data and Zero-party Data

This guide offers an in-depth breakdown of the subtypes of first-party data and zero-party data and the purpose each subtype serves.


A Complete Guide to Behavioral Data Collection

Learn all about collecting collect event data or behavioral data from first-party and third-party data sources.


Composable CDP vs. Packaged CDP: An Unbiased Guide Explaining the Two Solutions In Detail

A vendor-neutral guide that explains the components of a CDP to help you understand the differences between a Composable CDP and a Packaged CDP.


Check out our series on Zero-party data

Zero-Party Data [Series]

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